2017 March Newsletter
March 1, 2017, 12:00 AM

Grace and peace to y’all!

Well, as it happens every year – whether you’re ready for it or not – Lent has come.

Every year it always seems to surprise us when this journey begins. Most of the time because the beginning of Lent shifts every year because it is still one of the last (and very few) events in our life that is determined by a lunar calendar (Easter is always the first Sunday after the first full moon after the first day of Spring – which is always between March 22 and April 25).

Yet, each year we faithfully journey through this season as we remember that which turns us away from our God. We strive to again and again turn our lives back towards God through prayer, devotion, and even abstaining from ‘joys’ in our life to better focus our joy on and through God.

Typically, the season of Lent also coincides with MLB’s Spring Training every year. At times, I can find no better image of the practices of Lent than what baseball players do throughout Spring Training. They work on the fundamentals of a game they’ve played their entire life. Catching, throwing, hitting, fielding. They practice on situations that could occur in a game, so that when those situations arise they’ll be prepared for them. They practice the things they know so well and have done for so long so that they become second nature.

We do this during Lent as well. Of course, our throwing and hitting is prayer, fasting, and giving of ourselves to others. Those are all things we know to do and have done throughout our life. But, during Lent we purposefully devote ourselves to these practices so that when those times come in our life to care, love, support, and pray for those in need and for those in our life we react out of nature than anything else.

Where prayer becomes an extension of who we are as children of God. Where caring for any in need is the innate response when the situation arises. When giving of ourselves becomes second nature in living this life of faith.

We get to practice that during the season of Lent. We get to live out each of those devotions to our God of love who leads us through this season and through our lives.

How will you live into this journey of Lent? Where will you practice to better live out what God calls us into through our baptism and feeds us at the table?

Welcome to the journey of Lent. Play ball!

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