April 2017 Newsletter
April 1, 2017, 12:00 AM

I pray and hope that each of you reading this are doing well as the weather begins to get warmer. Hopefully the yellow tint of the world at the moment isn’t keeping you too down and out!

So, spring is finally here! The weather is getting warmer, flowers are beginning to bloom, and animals are starting to emerge and add their noise to the melody of life around us. Spring just might be might favorite season. That which was old and dead has new life bursting from it.

As winter transitions to spring, one of my favorite activities is to just sit and listen. Listening to the life that is beginning to wake up and burst forth around us. I love the sound of birds and animals chirping and ‘speaking’ in their own way. I imagine they are calling out to the world, “We’re still here! You can’t hold us down!” I love hearing those noises after the ‘dead’ silence of winter.

What would our world – what would we - be like if we were this excited and eager to proclaim and share? We have an amazing message to give to those around us in our community. We can shout from the rooftops towards the world, “We’re still here! You can’t hold us down!” Why? Christ is here! God has redeemed the world through Jesus’ saving action on the cross. The Spirit is guiding us towards a life that reminds us that we are not dead. That we live a life of new life. Of eternal life. All because of what God has done in Christ for the world.

As we approach the end of the season of Lent we continually become more excited about the message of Easter. That thrum and heartbeat of new life continues to build and resonate through our very depths. The closer Easter approaches, the louder and quicker that beat drums. Throughout Lent we build up to proclaim this message to the world.

That’s an exciting message to proclaim. So, get out. Shout! Speak to the world. Drive back the ‘dead silence’ with the proclamation that Christ is a victor over death and we are joined into that victory through our baptisms! What a wonderful story to share with those around us!

Join in with the birds and the animals in the celebration of new life! Add your voice to the orchestra of proclamation of God’s victory in Christ! Let’s do this!


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