August 2019 Newsletter Article
August 1, 2019, 12:00 AM

Grace and peace to you all this wonderful month of August!

Summer break is ending, and school will begin soon. Schedules will become a bit more routine. The weather will continue to go through its rambunctiousness of blisteringly hot and monsoon rainstorms as we move into the hurricane season. All in the life of living in South Carolina in the middle of summer.

As we move into this new month, I cannot help, but notice that we have multiple opportunities to be a deeper and more welcoming community of faith. Whether it be with those who are already a part of our community, with those who might be curious about what our community entails, and those who have never heard of us.

Recently, I’ve been approached (and approached a few people myself) who are in need of help getting from place to place. Whether it be worship, the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, or the pharmacy – there are folks within our community here at Redeemer who – for whatever reason – just need a little bit of help. So, if you’d be interested in being a driver for these folks, please contact the church office so we can get a nice list of volunteers and match you up with some folks in need. Not only does this help those who are unable to drive, but it really does help build community, deepen relationships, and create new friendships! Imagine the stories you’ll get to hear as you share with one another on those car rides!

August is also the month that new school years begin. Newberry College, our local and private schools, and pre-schools will all be starting up this month. That gives us opportunity to not only welcome those new and returning students, but also to help those schools and teachers with supplies.

As you are out school shopping for the kids in your life, perhaps buying a few extra supplies to be given to Boundary Elementary School, Newberry Elementary School, Newberry Middle School, Newberry High School, and Newberry Academy? Paper, pencils, crayons, folders, and more can help relieve a lot of stress and burden not only from students who need them, but from teacher’s shoulders as well (who typically purchase them).

We also have an opportunity towards the end of August to welcome those new and returning students to Newberry College at their annual Community Engagement Fair. This is a time for us to be with those students. Make ourselves known, tell them that they are loved, show them they are welcomed, and give blessings to them on this new school year. So, on August 22nd, we will be on the Quad at Newberry College to welcome those students to our community. Join us that day!

It’s August, we move into more routine schedules, but we also get to live out the radical hospitality and welcome that our Lord models for us and calls us into!

Live into that faithful hospitality and radical welcome – not only in these opportunities, but throughout each day of your life!

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