August Newsletter
August 1, 2016, 9:00 AM

Grace and peace y’all!

It’s August and it is HOT out there. Wow. I’ve been (jokingly) told I’m not allowed to complain about the heat since I moved back here, but seriously: It. Is. Hot.

What I wanted to share a little bit on this month – in spite of the heat and weather – is how wonderful God’s creation truly is. Yes, it is very warm out there, but seriously. How amazing is this all around us?

This past month or so, I have been witness to some incredibly beautiful aspects of the world we live in. Green grass, the lazy sound of the creek behind my house, the ripening of the figs in our yard, the numerous types of animals that walk and live among us – including the small family of beavers that I saw on an evening walk, the refreshing rains that both cool us down while also sustaining and bringing new life to the world.

Recently my appreciation and love of God’s creation and my love and infatuation with technology collided with the release of a small game called Pokémon Go. Now, many of you have probably heard about this game (it is the biggest release of an app in history so far). Sure, by the time that you read this there is a good chance that its popularity may have peaked, but it showed me something that is greatly missed in our world today.

In our makeup as children of God we are inclined to be out in the world and to be with one another. Of the few stories about Pokémon Go that made people roll their eyes (trespassing on property, walking off cliffs, etc...) there were countless more of the joy in meeting new people, sharing in a common love, and just being out among God’s creation. Plus, the added benefit of becoming more active and a little healthier.

Your kids or grandchildren may have a love for this game that you don’t understand – searching and finding digital pocket monsters may seem like the silliest idea in the world – but, it is an opportunity to share in their love and hobby and also to share in God’s creation.

So, all in all – we live in an incredibly beautiful world – even when it is hotter than Hades out there. It’s something that I think we need to be continually reminded of in our world today. So, go out there, bring along some water, and then give thanks to God for what we have been gifted and what we have been given to care for!

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