December 2018 Newsletter
December 1, 2018, 8:00 AM

Wow. November was an incredibly pivotal and powerful month in the history of Redeemer. On November 11, we held our annual meeting and voted in new members of council and nominating team. We approved our 2019 Ministry Spending Plan. We overwhelmingly voted to enact the continuing resolution of our new Endowment Fund. After all that, we as a congregation unanimously voted to pay off our Growing in Grace mortgage (which has been done officially now). That is an incredible thing to be a part of. Plus, it’ll occurred all within 25 minutes? That might be the most amazing thing!

Our Endowment Team is hard at work in finalizing who will manage this fund. Then they will begin the process of receiving letters and proposals from the community on how that money could be used to fund numerous ministry projects around our area, state, country, and world. Those funds will begin to be distributed in 2020. Continue to be in prayer for them as they continue their work.

This month, your council at Redeemer will decide which organizations we will be able to help through the tithe portion of the gift from Carl Legrand Amick, Jr. We talked briefly about where that tithe could go during November’s meeting, and there are some worthwhile and amazing organizations that we can help with immediate (and substantial) funds. As a council – and as your pastor – we are looking at ways that we can make a great impact to help those organizations in the best and most needed ways possible. It’s really fun!

Finance Team and Council will begin in 2019 going through the Financial Needs and Wants list that we as a congregation put together a number of months ago with Deacon Mitzie Schafer’s help. We’ll begin to prioritize what items on that list fit into our scope and vision as a congregation, but also items that are needed and desired by the congregation. This will be another exciting task and endeavor for our leadership to pursue this coming year.

Finally, work has begun to celebrate this gift that Legrand has given to Redeemer. More information will be given as to what that will look like, but council has tentatively set the date of that celebration to be February 10, 2019; the one-year anniversary of Legrand’s death.

We of course will be given even more opportunities to give back from our abundance through ministries like Angel Tree and the ELCA Good Gifts. We can give back by serving those at White Oak Manor this month as we worship and sing carols with them. Who knows what other opportunities we will be given.

I am honored and humbled to be your pastor. Where we truly get to serve God, we get to serve one another, and we get to serve with one another. What better month to be so intentional about our giving of this gift, than the month we celebrate God’s great gift to the world – God’s in-breaking into the creation through the birth of a savior in Bethlehem.

Throughout it all, we will remember God’s goodness, love, and grace given to all of creation. We get to do this y’all, isn’t it great? Amen.

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