December 2019 Newsletter Article
December 1, 2019, 8:00 AM

Grace and peace y’all!

What a full month we had in November, and how full and filled December will be too. Throughout the month of December there are so many opportunities for us to become over-burdened, over-stressed, and feel like we are being pulled in so many directions. My pastoral advice for you this month (and it’s the same advice I give most of the time as well) is to make sure that you take those moments – no matter how brief – to stop and recognize God’s love for you. To stop and recognize that you are already enough. That you don’t need to do more to prove your worth to God, nor to anyone else.

God loves you; right now. God is with you; right now. Jesus is beside you; right now. The Holy Spirit is guiding and forming you; right now.

You are already enough.

Sometimes that is hard to remember during this month of December. So, please take time to recognize that, feel that, be in prayer that God will give you the strength and the continued assurance of that.

As you take those moments of pause during this busy season, I also invite you to be a part of our Advent Wednesday Services this year. Once again, we will worship in and through the beautiful and poignant Holden Evening Prayer service. Even if you’ve never worshiped through Holden Evening Prayer, I encourage you to come and be a part of this short service each Wednesday, beginning on December 4th at 7pm. It is a short and beautiful service about God’s light penetrating and pushing away the shadows of the world. It’s also – in my opinion – a lot of fun to sing. Remember also, we have our Christmas Eve service on December 24 at 7pm as well!

So, yes, there are a lot of events happening within our Community of Faith here at Redeemer and in each of your lives this month. In those times of frustration, stress, and more take time to stop, breathe, and know that God is with you. Jesus loves you. The Holy Spirit is guiding you. Right now. Always. You are enough already.

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