February 2017 Newsletter Article
February 1, 2017, 8:00 AM

Grace and peace to each of y’all!

So, it’s kind of like winter out there. Or at least it is one day, and then feels like spring the next. The weather just can’t make up its mind. Not that I’m complaining – at all. I hope and pray that this new year has met y’all with peace, love, and acceptance and that each of you have been able to live that out to those around you.

As I write this, many are hard at work at putting together the finishing touches on the Lutheran Men in Mission Yard Sale.

I love that we do this. I love the work that goes into it. I love that the money raised from the sale goes to such a good, worthy, and needed cause. Thank you to all who volunteer, have donated, and support this sale in other ways. Not only this year, but in the previous years. Thank you.

Last year, I remember hearing from someone that the yard sale is full of treasures. Which kind of struck me, since a lot of that stuff is worn, old(er), greatly used goods from others. But, it got me thinking. Those are indeed treasures. Someone sees that item whether it be an old dresser, a couch, some baby items, perhaps even a chair, and they say, “Yeah – I can use that. That’s mine.”

I like to think that that is how God has viewed all of us. The world, in many ways, has chewed us up and spit us out. We’ve failed, we’ve fallen in one way or another. We haven’t lived up to our or others’ expectations.

Many in the world feel broken, old, worn out, and used. Nobody could possibly care, want, or need them. They’ve been told so much throughout their life. They believe wrong, they live wrong, they love wrong, they come from somewhere else. The world has cast them aside, the world has cast us aside. Yet, here comes God. Picks each of us up and says, “Yep. That’s a good thing right there. Here’s my newest treasure.”

God has chosen to be with us. God has come to dwell with us. God has called us to new and renewed life – through our Lord Jesus – because of God’s great love for us.

In that love and calling, we seek out to share that message with everyone around us. We strive to live into that life that sees each person before us as a treasured creation of God. Welcoming all into our lives so that all of us might be that much more full.

You are a treasure. You are God’s treasure. You are loved. Amen.

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