February Newsletter Article
February 1, 2018, 12:00 AM

Grace and peace to each of you this day!

I’ve been thankful this past month to participate in two wonderful gatherings of learning and growth.

Recently I was able to attend the Ventures in Stewardship seminar with some members from Redeemer, colleagues, and other sisters and brothers form the Heartland Conference. What a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow in our discipleship of being good stewards.

In fact, in working in that group and being in conversation with some at Redeemer, I think we are at a perfect opportunity to begin the conversations and even implementing some of these ideas learned through Ventures in Stewardship here within our community of faith. Rest assured, it isn’t all about money and giving financially to the church. But, instead empowering, encouraging, and inviting our community to invest into the ministries offered here at Redeemer as we live into the call to serve God and serve our neighbors. If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please contact me, Beth Singletary, or Jerry Haltiwanger and we’ll get this show on the road!

The other opportunity for learning and growth that I’ve been able to partake in this past month has been attending the Lay School of Religion. Specifically, the class called, “Walking in Other People’s Shoes: A conversation about Immigration and Refugees.” I know that both immigration and refugee issues are a very ‘touchy’ subject in our cultural and political climate today. But, hearing firsthand knowledge (offered by Rev. Alejandro Mejía) about what is involved to immigrate to this country (both by conventional and unconventional means) is eye-opening and sobering.

There are so many stories that have spread around our country that contain misleading or blatantly false information in order to stoke fear and worry. How do we live into our calls as followers of Christ and worshippers of God as we care for those around us, including those who weren’t born nearby or come from far-off places around the world? It is a struggle that many of us (including myself at times) continue to wade through every day.

This past month has been one of growth and insight. I invite each of you into conversation and pray about stewardship and those topics where there are many differing opinions. Always remembering, that God has called us to care for one another through love, prayer, service, and forgiveness.

Love each of you, and I mean it.

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