January 2019 Newsletter Article
January 1, 2019, 12:00 AM

Grace and peace to each of you this wonderful New Year of 2019!

2018 brought an exciting and generous time for Redeemer. A wonderful unexpected gift. The ability to use that gift to help so many different organizations immediately, helping our own congregation directly (and significantly), and also being set up for mission in the world for years to come.

But, even without that 2018 was a pretty fun year for Redeemer. We worshipped, we celebrated, we lamented, we cried, we wondered, we saw God at work in some amazing places.

As I think about where God led our community of faith in 2018, I cannot help, but think where God will lead us in 2019. To become a bit more focused in that area, our congregation will be going through a visioning process in 2019.

This will be an opportunity for us as The Lutheran Church of The Redeemer to discover and discern what it means to be disciples at Redeemer - for the community and world. I’ve said before that more often than not, whenever someone asks ‘who you are’ – whether that be who you are as an individual or as a community – we tend to define ourselves by what we are not. Which isn’t a great way (or complete) way to identify who you/we are. Going through this visioning process will – I believe – allow us to firmly define who we are and empower each of us to share that with those around us.

I’m hopeful and full of prayer that each of us here at Redeemer will dive deeply into this opportunity to see where God is indeed leading us as a congregation and people of faith. Plus, I think it’ll be a lot of fun!

So, this coming year of 2019 is a year of ‘identity’ for us. We should always know who and whose we are – for we are God’s. Created out of love and life for the world. Redeemed by the one who came down in love. Guided by the Holy Spirit to be at work in the world. This process will help us see how we live out that identity and where we can more fully live into those moments of faith, ministry, and service.

I’m looking forward to 2019 and I hope we can build off the momentum of where 2018 has thrust us. Keep in prayer for the ways that God continually invites and calls us into all moments and opportunities of faith, service, and ministry.

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