July 2018 Newsletter
July 1, 2018, 12:00 AM

Grace and peace to each of y’all! It is July, so everyone knows what that means… IT IS HOT! Please be mindful of the heat as you’re out tending your gardens, walking around, working, and just being in the community. It seems every year the summer gets a little bitter warmer and we continually have to do a better job at recognizing how the heat affects us.

Last month, I wrote a bit about taking sabbath. It is something we need, it is something I think we crave, though it is also something that the busy world continues to keep us from partaking in.

There is another aspect of life – especially during the summer – that I think we all tend to be mindful of that can greatly benefit our lives. Taking care of ourselves. Or at least, taking better care of ourselves.

Our God has gifted us with this wonderful bodies. We breathe, we move, we laugh, we cry, we enjoy. Yet, sometimes we might enjoy too much (I’m guilty of that from time to time) and other times we get locked into those parts of life that don’t encourage us to take active care of our bodies. Yet, we are called to care for what God has given us – which includes our own bodies.

Recently Erin and I have begun working out in the community and something weird has happened. I want to continue with it. In fact, being in that community has helped me better take care of myself. I worked out while at Lutheridge for Confirmation Camp and even look forward to those workout opportunities when my family and I take a couple weeks of vacation at the beginning and end of July.

Everyone can start somewhere. But, what I ask of those of you who may need a letter like this to ‘get off the couch’ and do something is to not seek the goal of ‘getting a summer bod.’ Comparing ourselves to those whose lives are devoted to exercise, beauty, and attention. But, instead to view this opportunity to better care for your body as a way to honor and care for the gift that God has given you.

Taking care of ourselves – with sabbath, exercise, eating right, and more – helps us be better people of faith invested into the lives of those around us. Caring for ourselves helps us be a better parent, sibling, child, friend, and stranger.

So, get out. Walk a bit, lift some weights, put down the 2nd donut, switch that tea with water. Continue to live into, enjoy, and live for others by caring for ourselves. Amen!

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