July 2019 Newsletter Article
July 1, 2019, 8:00 AM

Grace and peace to each of you this wonderful month of July! I hope each of your summers are going splendidly and is filled with rest, adventure, fun, and God’s presence.

A thing to note at the top – Redeemer has ‘gotten with times’ as they (used) to say. Members and others are not able to give electronically to the church. You can sign-up by going to the eGiving tab on our website (www.lutheranredeemer.org). There you can set up one-time or scheduled payments to the church as a part of your offering. It is nice to have this additional way to support the church! I encourage y’all to sign up (I know I did)!

Last month was a big month in the Titus household. Ashleigh went to Lutheridge for her First Campers week. She stayed at the camp from Wednesday through Saturday morning. And let me tell you, Erin and I were a bit nervous for her.

We know she loves Lutheridge, but this was the first time she’d stay the night – multiple nights – away from home with ‘strangers.’ This is the same girl who at times can get a bit nervous about staying at Nana and Papa’s house.

But, when she arrived in her cabin, her counselor invited her to play UNO with the other girls and it was smooth sailing straight through. She had a blast and didn’t want to leave come Saturday morning.

It got me thinking – Redeemer is in the midst of a Visioning Process where there might be those who are a little nervous (I know I have been at times), maybe a bit apprehensive about where this all might lead. How are things going to change? Are they going to change? What new stuff will we get ourselves into?

Much like sending a kid to camp, we are in that anxious time period. We don’t know what to expect. But, we pray. We trust. We lean into God’s presence in our lives. We have faith that God is working through each of us to bring the story and truth of the Gospel into the lives of those around us. We are open to being surprised about how God works through all of this.

It’s OK to be a little nervous, I think that comes with the territory of anything that is new. However, that nervousness doesn’t keep us from praying, jumping in, and walking with God and one another as we see where God might be leading us as a people of faith.

Love y’all. And I mean it.

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