June 2015 Newsletter Article
June 1, 2015, 12:00 AM

Newsletter for June 2015!

Grace and peace to y’all my new sisters and brothers!

First and foremost – I wanted to say how excited and happy I am to be called to serve as your pastor at the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer! I’m ready to do ministry with each of you in Newberry! I can’t wait to see where the Spirit takes us as we get to proclaim Jesus to this wonderful community.

That’s the first thing you should probably know about me – I’m a ‘get to’ person. There are so many things in life and in faith where I think we’ve been told we have to do something. We have to go to church. We have to take communion. We have to serve our neighbor. Throughout my life and ministry I’ve wanted to change thoughts from a ‘have to’ mentality to a ‘get to’ mentality.

We don’t have to go to worship – we get to worship. We don’t have to take communion – we get to receive communion. We don’t have to serve – we get to serve.

We get to live out our lives of faith in thanks and praise for the gift that God has given us – Jesus, forgiveness, life. It isn’t something we have to do; it is something we get to do. Getting to do something is so much more fun than having to do something! I look forward to the ministry we GET to do together at Redeemer!

What else about me though? I grew up in South Carolina (kind of – I’m a military brat so I can call a lot of places home – though SC is where I’ve spent most of my life). I graduated from Newberry College in 2005. My wife Erin and I met while we were camp counselors at Lutheridge in Arden, NC. I graduated from LTSS in 2011. Our first child – Ashleigh Rose – was born in 2010 and our second child – Miriam Grace – was born in 2013. I’ve been serving a small congregation in Mason, MI – All Saints Lutheran Church – for the past four years.

A little more personally about me? I’m your typical nerd, techy, and geek. I love Microsoft products, I enjoy reading comic books, my biggest hobby is probably playing video games and watching sci-fi movies and TV shows, reading about all that nerdy stuff, and I love sports. Particularly baseball and football.

My favorite teams are the Texas Rangers and Dallas Cowboys. My favorite college teams (after the Wolves of Newberry that is) are the Winthrop Eagles and the Gamecocks.

When I’m not out doing ministry as pastor you can probably find me doing one of the following things around the community: running, playing disc golf at Margaret Hunter Park, relaxing with a good beer with friends and family.

As I look to the future and look forward to the ministry we get to participate in, I keep thinking about Moses and how he walked upon holy ground as God spoke to him through the burning bush (Exodus 3: 1-15). As he came upon that strange sight, Moses noticed that something was different about this and how he must look at this to see what was going on. In that moment, God speaks to him and tells Moses to remove his sandals for the ground he is standing on is holy ground.

In their conversation, God tasks Moses with serving God’s people – Moses’ people – proclaiming to them that they are not forgotten and that the Lord has heard their cries. Moses doesn’t feel at all equipped to do what God is asking of him. God cuts through Moses’ fear and anxiety with one simple, yet powerful sentence: I will be with you.

As we get to do ministry together in Newberry, there will be moments that we will turn aside and notice the holy and wonderful sight before us. We will see the opportunity that God is calling for us and sending us out to do and we may have fears or anxieties – especially if it is something ‘we’ve never done before.’ Yet, the words that God spoke to Moses are the same that God speaks to us.

God will be with us.

God will be with us as we get to serve this community. God will be with us as we proclaim Christ to the world. God will be with us as we venture off into new areas of ministry.

God will be with us. Christ dwells in us. The Holy Spirit guides us.

I don’t know about y’all, but I cannot wait to see where God will take us!

See y’all on the 21st of June!



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