March 2019 Newsletter
March 1, 2019, 8:00 AM

Grace and peace to you all! A wet February is over, and we move into the month of March. Here’s hoping that dryer, warmer, and sunnier forecasts are in our future. I don’t know about y’all, but if I take one wrong step in my yard, there’s a good chance I’ll lose a shoe.

As we move into March, we also move into the season of Lent. For me, Lent is always a really special time. I really do love this season. I enjoy the contemplative nature of it, I look forward to seeing where God is leading me in my life, and I also seek to find those ways in which I’m resistant to God’s call and to adjust to God’s love, grace, and invitation – even if it makes me uncomfortable.

That uncomfortableness – that call to live life in this radical welcome, love, and grace – is a call to growth in our lives of faith. It is in those moments that we see God at work, beckoning us and walking alongside us, to join in the life that has been gifted and prepared for us by God. The season of Lent gives us an opportunity to be witness to that life, to be closer to that call, and to live into that invitation. So, I invite and challenge y’all this season of Lent to see where you can ‘join in’ that invitation to be uncomfortable in God’s love and grace.

Could it be reaching out to an individual that is ‘prickly’ and sharing God’s love with them? Could it be stepping up and speaking out for those in need within our community? Could it be listening to the stories and lives of those who are pushed to the side so often in our culture? Could it be entering into intentional pray for our community of faith and one another through our 100 Days of Prayer initiative? Could it be something else that God is calling, beckoning, and walking alongside you in?

This season of Lent be in prayer and discernment of where God is leading you to live into the radical love, grace, and welcome that all of creation is invited into. This five-week season gives us ample opportunity to ‘lean in’ to what God is calling us to do and to be in the life of the world. Where is God leading you to love and serve in the kingdom of God?

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