May 2019 Newsletter
May 1, 2019, 8:00 AM

Grace and peace to each of you!

This year’s Holy Week was pretty incredible. Those few days are the most holy, important, and pivotal days in the life of the church. Without that story and history – the rest of it wouldn’t matter. This time when we are confronted by our own sin, our own complicity in Jesus’ death, and confronted with the love of God that can make us feel uncomfortable because of the lengths it can go to show us how deeply we are loved and cared for.

With that in mind, I was able during Holy Week (along with a number of other folks) to live into that uncomfortable showing of love in our Maundy Thursday service. I mentioned that evening that I really don’t like feet. My feet hurt a lot after years of running, tripping, and being a klutz while also trying to be an ‘athlete.’ Because of this aversion to my own feet, I really don’t like other people’s feet. So, Jesus’ washing of the disciples’ feet and in turn his command (in love) to wash one another’s feet has always made me uncomfortable.

I don’t want others to touch my feet, just as much as I don’t want to touch other peoples’ feet. Yet, this year I couldn’t help but notice where I was stopping myself short in living out God’s command of love to the world because it made me or others around me uncomfortable. So, we washed feet at that service. I was still uncomfortable and nervous in it, but I did it. Others joined in that humbling act as well.

So, it got me thinking – where else can we as a community of faith – as individual disciples of Christ – live into the uncomfortable love that God has gifted to us and the world? Does it mean standing up for what you believe? Does it look like joining into ministries (new or established) here at Redeemer and in the community that you’ve always shied away from? Does it mean going out on a limb and talking about your faith and God’s love for the world with the people around you?

Where does God’s showing of love make you uncomfortable? Where is God leading you in that love for others and the world? What would it look like to live out the uncomfortable love of God in your life? Just something to ponder…

Y’all – you’re loved. I love you and I mean it!

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