November Newsletter Article
November 1, 2018, 8:00 AM

Grace and peace to each of you this wonderful day and month!

October was a month full of faith and goodness as we celebrated our 165th Homecoming Anniversary, Reformation Sunday, and so much more. As we enter into the month of November, I am constantly reminded by what I’m thankful for in this life.

We live in a world today that is constantly obsessed with social media and the # (hashtag #itisntjustforpoundsanymore). People put witty remarks following the # so that others can find similar posts. One of the most popular searches and posts is #blessed. People are posting their blessings all over the place. Good family? #blessed! Sports team won? #blessed! Inadvertently received a free meal at the restaurant? #blessed #nomnom.

Not that any of those are things are bad. But, the things that get ‘blessings’ attached to them are actually moments of thankfulness. I’m thankful for good health, a wonderful family, a faithful community, a good time with friends, a filling meal, and so much more. I’d be incredibly #thankful for another fantasy football win come to think of it.

It always gets me thinking… blessings are something pretty important. For me, blessings are reserved for those things that God has gifted to us out of sheer grace and mercy, not because the barista charged you for a Tall when you ordered a Venti.

I’ve been forgiven of my sins! #blessed! God works through me and others and is active in the world! #blessed! Received communion this morning and reminded of God’s presence in my life! #blessed!

When we attach ‘blessings’ to everything it might make us feel that we are only loved because of those good things. As Christians living life out through a Lutheran lens, we don’t see God’s goodness bestowed that way. God doesn’t show blessings through material things, but has gifted us new life through the life, death, and resurrection of Christ. It is out of God’s sheer gift of grace – freely given to us – that is our ultimate blessing. And we always have that!

As we move into the month of November, I am so thankful to be a part of this community of faith here at Redeemer. It is truly a wonder and a joy to be a part of this life of faith with you. I’m thankful that we get to live out God’s #blessing of new and renewed life together. Amen.


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