Novmber 2017 Newsletter
November 1, 2017, 8:00 AM

Grace and peace to each of you this day!

October was busy, and it doesn’t look like November will bring any sort of relief.

It is always at this time that I look at my schedule and want to crawl right back into bed. This time of year can be overwhelming with expectations, activities, meetings, and surprises. At times it can seem to be too much.

It got me thinking that we – as a people – are overworked, stretched thin, and pulled in so many different directions. Our world works in such a way that everything seems to be important and must be attended to at this very moment.

Notifications pop up on our phones about a myriad of news, tweets, and game updates. Everything seems so important. We have to react, we have to have a response. I don’t know about y’all, but it is exhausting always being in a ‘heightened’ state of awareness.

So, I’ve done a few things to help lessen that pull.

Turn off notifications on your phone. Do it, it’s OK. Set a time later in the day to catch up on the news. It’s OK.

Once you do that, you’ll notice that you have a bit more free time (and perhaps a lot more energy) to devote to other things.

I would like you to take that new-found time and to sit in silence. We are pulled in so many directions and are lives are so hectic that we never get to sit. To be calm. To perhaps even talk to God in prayer and thoughts.

As you sit in that new stillness, I invite you into prayer, to think about the good things in your life and give thanks for them. Pray for those who are hurting. Ask God to open your heart and your life to those who are different from you. Dive into the Holy Spirit’s guidance for the day to see God at work.

I know it might be scary to turn off those notifications. Especially the news and social media updates. But, I promise you – those things can wait.

Take those freed moments to be in prayer. Read a little scripture. Give thanks to God.

Know deep down that God has claimed you, you are fearfully and wonderfully made, you are good already in God’s eyes. Amen.

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