September 2018 Newsletter
September 1, 2018, 12:00 AM

Grace and peace y’all!

It is September – school is in full swing and new beginnings abound! As I sent my girls off to school this year, there was one thing that I told each of them (even Erin!): Have fun.

Seriously, have fun. When things are not fun, they at times don’t seem worth doing. Or at least, when you’re not having fun it makes the work even more difficult.

I love to have fun. I have fun in life. I have fun in worship. I have fun as much as I can.

The past few months I’ve been having A LOT of fun in a new group that we have started called The Nerd Word. It is ‘sort of’ a Bible Study that involves popular and nerdy movies and TV shows. We get to have really in-depth conversations about science fiction, comic book movies, and so much more. Then we start a conversation about the faith questions that arise from viewing those movies and TV shows.

So far, we’ve had conversations on Avengers: Infinity War, Solo, and the Jurassic Park franchise. We’ve had some of the nerdiest conversations surrounding those movies, but we’ve also had some deep conversations about relationships, ethics in science, creation, the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, and so much more. It is quite amazing what we get to talk about and where those conversations roam.

There of course has been a lot of laughter, great food, and the building of stronger friendships.

Coming up on September 20th at 7pm we will have our fourth Nerd Word where we will discuss the NBC comedy The Good Place. A show staring Kristen Bell and Ted Danson that centers on the afterlife. Both seasons are currently on Netflix and Hulu and the third season will begin at the end of September.

Again, it has been A LOT of fun because it is fun, and we get to talk and share about our faith.

Have fun in life, see God present in places that you’d never expect, be open to the questions that rise up after watching a movie, reading a book, or hearing a story. You never know where those questions will lead you!

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