September 2019 Newsletter
September 1, 2019, 8:00 AM

Grace and peace y’all!

August has come to an end and it was an eventful one, wasn’t it!

A huge storm, cancelled church services, and lots of rain. It isn’t even quite hurricane season yet!

I was taken aback by how many folks around our community came together to provide care, relief, and help to those around them in need this month. Especially in response to the fierce storm we had on August 17.

Trees fell over, power lines came down, flooding occurred, and electricity was out for much of our area for an extended period of time. And yet, folks came together to help cut trees, move limbs, and check on one another. Water was provided for weary crews who helped restore power to our area and remove massive fallen trees from roads and yards.

In spite of the chaos, neighbors and strangers came together to provide relief and help to one another. And that was a beautiful sight to behold. Even if that meant seeing some people driving around with long chainsaws in their golf carts up and down the roads.

It got me thinking. In spite of living in a world that is incredibly divided. Divided politically, ideologically, and more we still find ways to bring down our barriers and walls to help those in need. What a beautiful world it could be if those barriers were down all the time!

What a wonder it would be to see the person before us as an individual in need and an individual worthy of love, care, and service.

For that is what I believe God calls us into all the time. Care and love for one another – all the time. Not when it’s convenient or at the ‘appropriate’ time, but always. Living into love and grace with those around us.

That is my continual prayer. Every day. That we all live into the love and service that God calls us to. All the time. Amen!

I love y’all, and I really mean it!



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