Staff Support

The Staff Support Committee shall have the following duties:

  1. It shall assist the Pastor in his pastoral growth.
  2. It shall assist all paid members of the staff in improving their work and their working conditions.
  3. It shall meet on an individual basis at least twice yearly with each paid staff member to give individual guidance and direction, and to share the concerns of the staff members, and to attempt to resolve any grievances with such staff member may have.
  4. It shall act as a liaison between the Pastor, the paid staff members, and the congregation, in the event problems do arise, and shall endeavor to resolve problems in a Christian manner.
  5. It shall meet with the Pastor at least once a year to privately discuss any problems the Pastor may have with the congregation, and any problems the congregation may have with the Pastor.
  6. Each year it shall meet with the Pastor prior to the formulation of the budget to discuss and consider the needs of the Pastor and his family, including salary, housing allowance and all of their aspects of the arrangements for his compensation. The Committee shall recommend to the Congregation Council or to a Committee designated by it, a proposed financial package for the Pastor, including his compensation, housing allowance, business and professional expenses, fringe benefits and all other aspects of his compensation arrangement.
  7. Each year it shall meet separately with each paid member of the staff, prior to the formulation of the budget to consider the needs of each staff member, and shall prepare and report to the Congregation Council, or to a Committee designated by it, for each paid staff member a recommended financial package, including insurance and other fringe benefits, for the proposed budget.
  8. Due to the nature of the Committee, the Pastor will not be a member of the committee, but at the request of the Committee, he may meet with the Committee to assist them in the performance of their duties.


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