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June 17, 2019, 12:00 AM

Sermon from Holy Trinity Sunday, June 16, 2019

Text: John 16: 12-15

Grace and peace to you from God our creator and our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus who is the Christ – will y’all pray with me? May the words of my mouth and the meditations of all our hearts be acceptable in your sight O Lord, our rock and our redeemer; amen!

So, we come to an interesting day. Not only an interesting day in the life of the church, but a pretty interesting one in the life of many young people in our community of faith.

Today we celebrate with nine young men and women as they have completed significant milestones in their life. We celebrate our Confirmation Students – Morgan, Reese, and Andrew and we celebrate those graduating from high school, college, and further secondary education. We celebrate with Ledare, Vanessa, Jordan, Corey, Rachel, and Noel.

We also get to celebrate the odd and confusing relationship of the Holy Trinity. That part of our faith that continually perplexes us, confounds us, makes us scratch our heads, and at times might melt our brains as we try to ‘wrap’ our arms around just who, what, and why is the Trinity.

As we try to ‘wrap’ our minds around the Trinity, it can be a lot like these young men and women trying to wrap their lives over what comes next. Where will they go? How will they be? What will life offer them?

Some of y’all may have already asked those questions and have been thrust with dilemmas and further questions. Will I enjoy what I’ve done so far? Will the path that I’m on be the one that fulfills all that I hope for? What does the future hold? Will it change? Where is God in the midst of all of this?

Whenever we come to those significant moments in our lives, we always ask those deep questions. Those questions that gnaw at our gut, those questions that make us ponder, those questions that can keep us up at night.

We ask those questions, because we like – we want – to be in control. We ask those types of searching questions because we realize that we don’t nearly have as much control as we’d hope to have. And it can be frustrating and a bit scary.

Perhaps scary for those who celebrate their graduation from high school and college. As they look out into their potential future and wonder if they are on the right path. Some have already had intended and hoped for paths change just ever so (frustratingly) slightly.

For our confirmation students, those questions might be more personal or spiritual in nature. Sometimes those questions can rock us to our cores. Those questions of – am I doing the right thing? Do I really believe this stuff? Do I know what I’m getting myself into?

And as we all come to this day as we celebrate the Holy Trinity – we ask many questions as well. How does this all make sense? How can one God be three persons? Where does each part of the Trinity fit in with each other – where does each part fit in with my life?

Those questions too can rock us to our core. Especially as we might be told to ‘just have faith’ or ‘have stronger faith’ or ‘don’t worry about it.’

But, it’s hard not to ponder those things and ask those types of questions. It’s hard not to think about what the future holds if you are affirming your baptism, graduating, or seeking a new vocation in life.

We ask questions. We seek to know more. We desire to know all of what God has to offer to us.

Here’s the thing I know. Getting to know the Holy Trinity, doesn’t mean you’ll ever know it fully. You just can’t. I just don’t think we are capable of fully comprehending the glory and beauty and love of the One God in Three persons is for us and the world. Every attempt to ‘fully realize’ the Godhead fails to capture all of what the Three are to the world and to us. Every explanation glosses over another aspect of life or even diminishes the role and fullness of another part of the Trinity.

It is good to think, to ask questions, and to get to know more – but, all the while trying to reason with the fact that we will never fully know what this means for us and for the world. How the Trinity interacts and shares and works with one another.

We just cannot fully know.

Kind of like finishing school or completing confirmation.

You know a lot. Y’all do. You’ve been taught. You’ve been shaped and formed. You’ve asked questions. You’ve sought answers. You’ve had triumphs and setbacks. You’ve had joys and frustrations.

And yet, in spite of all you’ve learned and grown into so far. You aren’t done. Even if you’ve now achieved the role and title of “Doctor” you’re still not done learning and growing.

There will be more to know. More to learn. More to learn about yourself, more to learn about life, more to learn from others. More to learn from those you know now, and more to learn from those you haven’t even met yet.

There’s always more.

And it is something we do together. All of us.

To ask a question, you need someone to answer it. You need someone to talk to about it with. You need someone to teach, to guide, to love, to grow.

You need others.

You have others. We have others. We have a community that is shaped by love, care, and questions.

We have a God who – though at times confusing and frustrating – invites us deeper into relationship through love, grace, and mercy. We believe in a God who doesn’t shy away nor push away from questions and thoughts. We believe in a God who has gifted us intelligence, and imagination, and interpretation to read, and see, and know who God is and who we are to God.

This past week while at Confirmation Camp, we got to talk and discuss about the Trinity. One of my colleagues mentioned that the Trinity is like three chairs facing a light – the light of glory, love, mercy, forgiveness, acceptance, and more.

But, as they situate in loving relationship with one another around that light, it isn’t closed off from us. No, instead it is open. We are invited. There is a space for all of us at that table. We are encouraged and called to look into that light of Glory as well. We are invited to enter into that relationship with God. Where in that relationship we are known and loved. We are shaped and formed. Where we ask questions, we gather with others, we walk with our God.

We celebrate the Holy Trinity today. We celebrate the work and accomplishments of numerous young men and women within our congregation. We remember that God has claimed us in the waters of baptism.

We remember that we don’t know everything (even though we do like to pretend that we know it all), but not knowing doesn’t mean we cannot be with one another. Not knowing encourages us to walk with one another as we – together – get to learn and grow and discover.

Discover this God who has, who does, and who will always love us. Grow in relationship with one another as we see what comes next. Learn from God through those around us just what it means to love and be in relationship with the world.

So, yeah. Today is an interesting day. A day that we celebrate not knowing fully what is before us. But, a day that we celebrate that we are in this together with one another, and our God invites us in love to enter into a deeper relationship of discernment, question, and conversation. And why are we invited? Because God loves us through and through. God loves you. Amen.

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